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An unexplained Auto-Immune condition that started 9 months earlier and how Reflexology supported this client:

"Anne went to work on my body’s depleted system, giving me much needed support internally and much needed physical respite and mental relief. In a short 6-week period I found that my heart was strengthened to such a degree that I was able to drop my steroid dose by 10mg, down from a maximum of 50mg – and I found that I was now sleeping better, had more energy, my skin improved taking on a healthier glow and even my hair regained bounce and life – this was actually one of the first signs that showed me the benefit I was receiving from the reflexology. When it came to my medical test results, there was a dramatic improvement in my blood tests in terms of inflammation index, healthy blood cell count and the function of my organs – especially liver and spleen."

Jennifer C.

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