What Nobody Ever Tells You About Menopause!

Symptoms Can Be Managed Naturally, At Home

Going through the sweats and anxiety?

"I used to have to change my bed sheets every night due to hot flushes. After only two reflexology treatments, I sleep much better and only need to refresh my bed as per usual. Due to better sleep, I am happier, my family is happier and I can concentrate better at work, what a relief! Thank you Anne!
Rosemary B."

Join the women who found relief quickly! Yes, it can be done AND you are in control here!

Menopause is a time to reflect 

Our hormones take us on a merry go round. From one moment to another, we don’t know what to expect. Will it be plain sailing, or will we encounter storms, will we be challenged by a body we are no longer familiar with?

Some of us hit Highway 66, smooth and comfortable, whilst others hit the heat before getting into colder climates!

Surprise, surprise, a challenge or obstacle gets us sweating and anxious 'Is that me reacting like this?' You wonder? What happened to that girl who sailed smoothly through anything that was thrown at her?

No time to wash sheets every day! GRRRR, I wish this never happened or that, at least, it goes away!

I hear you!! I have been there, but had a smooth ride as I used the tools I am sharing here with you today, and, I have had monthly Reflexology treatments for the past 20 years! Many clients had a similar experience after only a few treatments and some lifestyle adjustments.

The Menopause – Self-Management Workshop contains information and tools, that help you manage this at home, together with any other treatment you may receive.

What if it were possible to help you feel more balanced, banish the worst symptoms, and give you increased energy as you sleep better?

Deep changes happen in your body, they just do!

Your body and mind need time to adjust and in the meantime,
there is a ‘revolution’, joints may ache, sleep is eluding you and with that
you have trouble focusing and concentrating during the day as well as feeling irritable

Naturally Self Manage Menopausal Symptoms

  • Welcome

    Self-manage health and well-being, naturally at home besides any other treatments that may be required

  • Guides

    Downloadable guides offer general relaxation information, support and focused exercises

  • Theory

    Menopause and your Hormones, how can we work with them?

  • Techniques

    Support your body and mind to be as well as possible, naturally, at home

  • Practical

    Demonstration of techniques that offer relief to symptoms and mood swings

  • Lifestyle

    Tips to create awareness, how to support body/mind through this period

Regain control of 'you'!

Get started, experience increased comfort in your own body and mind!


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    The content is informative, easy to include in my day and beneficial.

    The content is informative, easy to include in my day and beneficial.

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