Time Zone Change Syndrome

You may have experienced feeling light headed, tired and wanting to sleep as soon as possible when arriving at your destination, certainly after a long-haul flight!

The plane is not the most comfortable to sleep in 😊 

This workshop empowers you to overcome this feeling as soon as possible. Lifestyle information is included. Some foods are helpful, as is hydration, exercise and working reflexology points and zones on hands, face and ears.

Tips for Self Management

  • Welcome

    From the tombs of the Pharao’s to your home, a brief insight into Reflexology

  • Guides

    Downloadable guides support general relaxation and focussed exercises

  • Theory

    Location of points and zones to stimulate and why these are worked

  • Practical

    Hands on demonstration to help soften the effects of jet lag

  • Support

    Prepare for travel. Includes pre and post tips to soften the effects of jet lag

Prepare to fly :)

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