Time Zone Change Syndrome

You may have experienced feeling light headed, tired and wanting to sleep as soon as possible arriving at your destination, certainly after a long-haul flight!

Are you traveling for work?
Do you need to attend meetings 
and be alert and present on arrival?

The plane is not the most comfortable to sleep in 😊 

Be in control and empowered to adjust to the new time zone as soon as possible. Lifestyle information is included. Some foods are helpful, as is hydration, exercise and working reflexology points and zones on hands, face and ears.

Tips for Self Management

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    Self-manage health, well-being and the body clock, naturally at home

  • Guides

    Downloadable guides offer general relaxation information, support and focused exercises

  • Theory

    Body clock and possibilities to adjust it, naturally

  • Practical

    Demonstration of techniques that support relaxation and improved functioning on arrival

  • Lifestyle

    Tips to create awareness on how lifestyle can be adjusted for an improved travel experience

Prepare to fly :)

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