Improve regularity

Constipation is an uncomfortable state to be in. The abdomen can be extended, and it feels bloated. I always ask clients if they are regular until someone told me that this was once a week for him. Now I ask ‘How often’!

This Self-Management course is intended to empower you to introduce simple daily steps to improve on this condition  

You will learn different tools that help you to relax and support your wellbeing. This includes a meditation, foods and exercises that help digestion and simple Reflexology techniques on hands, face and ears.

Tips for Self Management

  • Welcome

    Self-manage health and well-being, naturally at home besides any other treatments that may be required

  • Guides

    Downloadable guides offer general relaxation information, support and focused exercises

  • Theory

    What is constipation, what are some of the causes and how can we work with it?

  • Techniques

    Support your body and mind to be as well as possible, naturally, at home

  • Practical

    Demonstration of thechniques that support bowel function

  • Lifestyle

    Tips to create awareness on how lifestyle may impact on bowel function

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