Regularity is important for overall health

Constipation is a pain in the Ars!

You feel uncomfortable, bloated and stuck! Ah, the memory of a full evacuation, how good does that feel! Is it just a memory for you on how that felt?

Are your energies low, do you feel run down? With faecal matter sitting in the colon too long, toxins leach back into your body, sapping your energy.

I always ask clients how regular they are, well, I used to! An easy answer is 'I am regular'. One day a client said he was regular only for me to soon find out this was once a week! It is easy to guess; I now ask more specific questions!

Did you know that being constipated for a long time and straining each time you have an urge is not good for your pelvic floor muscles? It is not just being at a higher risk of getting haemorrhoids!

AND there is much more happening!

What contributes to constipation?

Being constipated is very uncomfortable and can even be painful. These are however not the only aspects of it. Improving Lifestyle factors are important to make to get the colon to be strong and healthy to contract enough so it can push out waste material.

  • Not enough fibre in diet

  • Insufficient fluid intake

  • Not moving enough

  • Lazy colon

Tips for Self Management

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    What is constipation, what are some of the causes and how can we work with it?

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    Demonstration of thechniques that support bowel function

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    Tips to create awareness on how lifestyle may impact on bowel function

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