Support for Anxiety & Stress

Most of us experience anxiety and stress at some stage in our lives as we are faced with events that stretch us. These events may cause us stress for a brief period or for much longer in which case, the brain and the body go into fight or flight mode as the sympathetic nervous system kicks in to keep us safe.

Anxiety and stress are natural responses to our environment and may be useful, however if it lasts too long, it may have an impact on our physical and mental wellbeing.

The Anxiety – Self-Management Workshop contains information and tools, such as meditation, foods and exercises that help you manage this at home, together with any other treatment you may receive.

Tips to help Anxiety & Stress

  • Welcome

    From the tombs of the Pharao's to your home, a brief insight into Reflexology

  • Guides

    Downloadable guides support general relaxation and focussed exercises

  • Theory

    Brief explanation of the role of anxiety and stress in our lives

  • Techniques

    Reflexes: location and why these areas are worked

  • Practical

    Hands on demonstration of the reflexes that support stress release and relaxation

  • Lifestyle

    Tips to create awareness around Anxiety & Stress

Feel more relaxed and in control

Get started now and experience increased calmness



  • Hands: easily work the relevant reflexes on the hands to bring calmness to body and mind

  • Ears: massage the relevant areas on the ears to access the nervous system

  • Face: massage specific zones and points on the face that directly connect to the brain and the body